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The Border General's Cabin Rukapirtti

The history of the legendary Rukapirtti is inextricably linked to Major General Erkki Raappana, the Continuation War and the battlefront of Rukajärvi. The exhibition of the Border General’s Cabin depicts his multifaceted character. The Border General Raappana was a nature- and dog-loving person as well as an outstanding war strategist. The exhibition offers a multi-sensory entirety which leads straight to the trench warfare period of the Continuation War towards the battlefront of Rukajärvi.

You can see the Major General’s weapons and badges of merit in the cottage. General Raappana's character as a defender of the border, commander of the decisive defensive battles of Ilomantsi at the end of the war as well as the nature-loving companion and confidant of Finland’s Marshal Mannerheim is what makes the cabin interesting. There is a 7-minute-long video which contains original film material of Erkki Raappana’s headquarters in Rukajärvi.

The variety of the original exhibits in Rukapirtti is impressive and the artefacts tell their own stories about the common history of the whole of Finland.

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