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Kantele Music Session in the Rune Singer's House



 40 € / group and 6 € / pax, outside of opening hours 70 € / group and administration fee 40 €

Validity period:

1.6.-31.8.2022 (closed on 24.6.), also valid for timings outside of opening hours upon prior arrangement

Group size:

 Minimum 10 pax

Programme Duration:

 15 min

Programme Description

The group will arrive in the Parppeinvaara Rune Singer's Village where the guide will receive them. The guide leads the group to the Rune Singer's House. There will be a introduction and a kantele session. After the kantele session, the group has the opportunity to visit the Rune Singer's House themed exhibition available in the summer time as well as tour the outdoor area of the Rune Singer's Village on their own and shop for souvenirs in the museum shop Parppeinpuoti.

For an additional fee, you can add on these programmes:

  • Guided tour in the Rune Singer's Village
  • Coffee / dining in the Restaurant Parppeinpirtti

Booking and cancellation policies

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