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Kantele workshop

Play yourself!

Programme Description

The group will arrive in Parppeinvaara Rune Siner's Village where the guide will lead the group into the Rune Singer's House. There will be a introduction and a kantele session. After the kantele music session, the guide will teach group to play 5 -string kantele. After workshop the group can visit the museum buildings of Mateli and Korhonen, the Border General Cabin, the Orthodox All Saints Chapel and the Mesikkä Animal Museum ( Museum buildings are open 1.6.-31.8. The Mesikkä Animal Museum And Runesinger's House are open throughout the year) .


Price: 10 euros / person, 8 euros / students, pensioners, children (7 -15 years). Group ticket for groups over 10 people is 8 euros / person.

Guidance and workshop 110 euros / group. In winter 1.9.-31.5. and outside opening hours guidance and workshop 160 euros / group.

Group size: Minimum 5 people, maximum 15 people.

Programme duration: approx. 1,5 hours


There are shopping opportunities in the Museum shop Parppeinpuoti.

Booking and cancellation policies

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