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Karelian Culture in Parppeinvaara

Karelian culture is being presented in all its glory in the wonderful hillscapes of the Parppeinvaara Rune Singer's Village. Our Karelian culture package combines the diverse cultural offerings of the Rune Singer's Village and the traditional delicacies of the Parppeinpirtti Restaurant.


Adults 28€ / pax,  guided tour 90 € / group

Validity period:

1.6.-31.8.2022 (closed on 24.6.)

Group size:

 Minimum 16 pax

Programme Duration:

 approx. 2 h 30 min

Programme Description

The group will arrive in Parppeinvaara Rune Siner's Village where the guide will lead the group into the Rune Singer's House. There will be a introduction and a kantele session. After the kantele music session, the itinerary continues with a guided tour outdoors; the museum buildings of Mateli and Korhonen, the Border General Cabin, the Orthodox All Saints Chapel and the Mesikkä Animal Museum. At the end of the tour, the group proceeds to the Parppeinpirtti Restaurant to enjoy a modern Karelian lunch buffet.

Every 16th customer dines for free in group bookings, max 2 pax / group.

There are shopping opportunities in the Museum shop Parppeinpuoti and the restaurant Parppeinpirtti.

The itinerary is always to be agreed in advance with the group on a case-by-case basis.

ATTN! A confirmation for the number of persons for the Karelian culture package shall be done a week before the day of the visit.


Booking and cancellation policies

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