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On the Tracks of Rune-Singing - Themed Tour

Rune-singing has for centuries given rhythm to the lives of people in Ilomantsi. Runes with the Kalevala metre reflected important parts of life as well as normal everyday life. The legacy of rune-singing can still be observed in surprising ways today. Rune-singing is the map of a Finnish person’s mindscape.

During the themed tour “On the Tracks of Rune-Singing”, we dive deep into the eclectic world of rune-singing, its uses and its metaphors. The tour allows you to empathise with youth having fun, listen to beliefs about bears, eternal longing and the mystical world of spells. Interactive and adventurous guided tours take place in the Rune Singer's House and the Mesikkä Animal Museum. The themed tours can be tailored for different age groups.

Price: 90 € / group and 8 € / pax
Validity period: for individual reservations based on availability of the guide

Group size: Minimum 10 pax
Programme Duration: 1 h

Programme Description

The group arrives in Parppeinvaara Rune Singer's Village and the guide will lead them to the Rune Singer's House. Themed guided tour begins from the Rune Singer's House and continue towards the Mesikkä Animal Museum. The guided tour includes activities, games and both dance and songs. The starting point of the “On the Tracks of Rune-Singing” themed tour is an Ilomantsi style runic song and the format of the session is conversational. The price of the themed tour includes admission to the Rune Singer's Village of which you can learn more after the guided tour. There is also the opportunity to purchase souvenirs in the museum shop Parppeinpuoti.

For an additional fee, you can add these on programmes:

  • Kantele music session in the Rune Singer's House
  • Modern day Karelian buffet in the restaurant Parppeinpirtti


Booking and cancellation policies

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