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War history in Parppeinvaara

Border - Raappana and Rukajärvi

Renewed exhibition of the Border General’s Cabin


90 € / group and 8 € / pax

Validity period:

1.6.-31.8. (closed on Midsummer Eve)

Group size:

 Minimum 10 pax

Programme Duration:

 Approx. 1 h

Programme Description

The group will arrive in Parppeinvaara Rune Singer's Village where the guide will receive them. The guide leads the group to the Border General’s Cabin. There will be a narration of the history of the cottage, the battles in the Ilomantsi area and the character of Raappana. This is a multi-visual programme. Raappana’s weapons and badges of merit can be found on display.

For an additional fee, you can add on these programmes:

  • Guided tour in the Rune Singer's Village
  • Kantele music session in the Rune Singer's House
  • Coffee / dining in the Restaurant Parppeinpirtti


Booking and cancellation policies

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