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Services for groups

Services for groups

Guided tour in the Rune Singer's Village

Karelian cultural features come together in Parppeinvaara’s Rune Singer's Village: kantele music, handicraft, the Orthodoxy as well as traditional food.

Kantele Music Session in the Rune Singer's House

Take a deep breath and lean back to relax for a moment; the kantele melodies tinkle beautifully in a Karelian house.

Kantele workshop

Experience the 5 -string Kantele with your own hands!

Karelian Culture in Parppeinvaara

Karelian culture is being presented in all its glory in the wonderful hillscapes of the Parppeinvaara Rune Singer's Village.

On the Tracks of Rune-Singing - Themed Tour

During the themed tour “On the Tracks of Rune-Singing”, we dive deep into the eclectic world of rune-singing, its uses and its metaphors.

War history in Parppeinvaara

The hut which served as Major General E. J. Raappana’s headquarters during the war time is a deep dive into the local war history.

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