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Services for groups

Services for groups

Guided tour in the Rune Singer's Village

Karelian cultural features come together in Parppeinvaara’s Rune Singer's Village: kantele music, handicraft, the Orthodoxy as well as traditional food.

Kantele Music Session in the Rune Singer's House

Take a deep breath and lean back to relax for a moment; the kantele melodies tinkle beautifully in a Karelian house.

Karelian Culture in Parppeinvaara

Karelian culture is being presented in all its glory in the wonderful hillscapes of the Parppeinvaara Rune Singer's Village.

On the Tracks of Rune-Singing - Themed Tour

During the themed tour “On the Tracks of Rune-Singing”, we dive deep into the eclectic world of rune-singing, its uses and its metaphors.

War history in Parppeinvaara

The hut which served as Major General E. J. Raappana’s headquarters during the war time is a deep dive into the local war history.

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